Faculty Hiring Workshop

The annual Faculty Hiring Workshop is scheduled for May 2, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, in the Tyler Haynes Commons Alice Haynes Room. The workshop will address how bias shows up in faculty hiring processes. This year's workshop will use an interactive theatre approach. Register for the Faculty Hiring Workshop. All faculty and administrators are invited to participate.

Participation is required for faculty serving as department or associate chairs, faculty search committee chairs, or diversity and search advocates (DASAs). Additionally, these faculty must complete the Faculty Hiring Module titled “Creating an Equitable Search Process” available through TalentWeb. Certification to serve on a faculty search committee is valid for two academic years and requires completion of both the faculty hiring workshop and the online training module. 

Because of the special workshop opportunity this year, we encourage faculty who are currently certified as well as faculty who may participate in any faculty searches within the next two years to attend the workshop on May 2. 

Additional materials and timelines for the faculty hiring process are available in the Faculty Hiring Toolkit

During the process of crafting a faculty hiring plan, job ad, criteria for evaluation, or any time there are questions before or during a search please contact Linda Boland, Associate Provost for Faculty.