Faculty Fellows Program

The teacher/mentor approach coupled with high-impact student experiences distinguish a University of Richmond education. The Faculty Fellows Program creates time for our faculty to pursue scholarship or creative work that will directly impact student learning. Learn more about the Faculty Fellows Program, including the call for proposals.

Applications are due November 1, 2022.

2022-23 Faculty Fellows

Jennifer Bowie
, Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Bowie and her students will study judicial decision-making and the interactions between the intermediate appellate courts and courts of last resort in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The central goal of this work is to develop and assess a new theory of judicial decision-making that is transportable across comparative judicial systems while also creating an immersive research experience for students involved in the project. Her undergraduate research team will collaborate on two journal length manuscripts, and Dr. Bowie will work on completing her book project related to the research project.

Brian Henry, Professor of English and Creative Writing

Professor Henry will edit and translate a comprehensive volume of Selected Poems by the Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun for Milkweed Editions. He will use his experience working on this book to design new student projects for his courses, particularly Literary Translation, Literary Editing and Publishing, and Poetry Writing.

Angie Hilliker, Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Hilliker and her students study the fundamental question of how cells regulate messenger RNAs (mRNAs), which serve as recipes for making all of the proteins required by an organism. Specifically, they will study how modification of an essential enzyme (Ded1) affects the cell’s entire population of mRNAs. Students will participate in all aspects of the scientific method, from planning experiments to presenting the results at conferences, in grants, or in publications.

Monika Kukar-Kinney, Professor of Marketing and the F. Carlyle Tiller Chair in Business

Dr. Kukar-Kinney and her students will study the effects of financial literacy and the usage of new payment methods on buying among young consumers. Students will learn to conduct primary and secondary research, including focus groups and surveys, and will analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. The goal of the research is to offer public policy implications with respect to the financial education of young consumers as well as to provide directions for retail managers with respect to ethically promoting and selling to young consumers.