Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships

Funded by donor generosity, endowed chairs, professorships, and fellowships, allow the University to recruit the most talented teacher-scholars to Richmond, retain our existing outstanding faculty members, and invest in innovative pedagogical approaches. For information on the ways in which you can support endowed chairs, professorships, or fellowships at the University of Richmond, please vist Giving to Faculty Excellence

Samuel Chiles Mitchell-Jacob Billikopf Professorship in History: Lisa Summers

Wm. Judson Gaines Chair in Modern Foreign Language: Thomas Bonfiglio

Roger Francis & Mary Saunders Richardson Chair in Mathematics: William Ross

Stephanie Bennett-Smith Chair in WGSS: D. McWhorter

Clarence E. Denoon Jr. Chair in Natural Sciences: Rafael De Sa

Lewis T. Booker Professorship in Religion & Ethics: G. Davis

Jabez A. Bostwick Chair of English: Bertram Ashe

Richmond Professorship: Geoffrey Goddu

William Judson Gaines Chair of Modern Foreign Languages: Sharon Feldman

Tucker-Boatwright Professor of Art and Art History: Tanja Softic

Floyd D. and Elisabeth S. Gottwald Chair in Chemistry: Carol Parish and Mike Leopold

The MacEldin Dunn Trawick Professor in Psychology: Cindy Bukach

Clarence E. Denoon Jr. Chair in the Natural Sciences: Kelling Donald

Tyler and Alice Haynes Professorship in American Studies: Laura Browder

George and Sallie Cutchin Camp Professor of Bible: Lia Cobb

The Weinstein Chair in International Studies: Sandra Joireman

MacEldin Trawick Professorship in Psychology: Kelly Lambert

Douglas Southall Freeman Distinguished Professor: Philippa Holloway

Irving May Professor of Human Relations: Matthew Oware

Coston Family Fellow in Molecular Biology: Colleen Carpenter-Swanson

William E. Cooper Distinguished University Chair: Kathryn Jacobsen

The CSX Chair in Management and Accounting: Marshall Geiger

The F. Carlyle Tiller Chair in Business: Monika Kukar-Kinney

Rigsby Fellow in Economics: Dean Croushore

Patricia A. and George W. Wellde, Jr. Dist. Chair in Finance: Raymond Patrick Fishe

E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professorship in Business: Stephen Tallman

The David Meade White Jr. Chair in Business: Douglas Bosse

Joseph A. Jennings Chair in Business: Shakun Mago

E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professorship in Business: Violet Ho

Coston Family Chair in Leadership & Ethics: Terry Price

E. Claiborne Robins Dist Professorship in Leadership Studies: George Goethals

Col. Leo K & GayleeThorsness Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership: Crystal Hoyt

E. Claiborne Robins Dist Professorship in Leadership Studies: Sandra Peart

Geo. Matthews & Va. Brinkley Modlin Chair in Leadership Studies: Peter Kaufman

Richard L. Morrill Chair in Ethics & Democratic Values: Jessica Flanigan

E. Claiborne Robins Dist Professorship in Leadership Studies: David Wilkins

Austin Owen Research Scholar: James Gibson

Sesquicentennial Professor of Law: James Gibson

Williams Chair in Law: Carl Tobias

Austin E. Owen Research Scholar: Kristen Osenga

The Dennis I. Belcher Professor of Law: Chris Cotropia

George E. Allen Chair in Law: David Epstein

E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in Law: Kurt Lash

Tucker-Boatwright Professorship in the Humanities: Edward Ayers