Faculty Portfolio System

The University is using Watermark's product Faculty Success (formerly called Digital Measures) to support our Faculty Portfolio System. Faculty Success (FS) is an online information management system designed to organize and report on faculty activities - teaching, research/creative work, and service. Once fully utilized, the Faculty Portfolio System will allow for reliable and dynamic solutions for generating reports. Some of the uses and benefits include:

Supporting faculty-related processes: by collecting in one place all of the information needed for review of faculty work. Annual reviews may be supplemented by other information such as student evaluations and faculty narratives, per school requirements.

Comprehensively documenting the scope of faculty activities: by collecting information from all areas of the mission - teaching, research/scholarship/creative arts/performance, service. The Faculty Portfolio System also allows faculty to document and track works-in-progress and discipline-specific activities.

Decreasing duplicate/repeated requests for information: faculty should not have to enter the same activity data in multiple forms or for multiple offices across campus; they will enter it in one place and update it annually. Opportunities that the Faculty Portfolio System supports include the following processes:

  • Customizable reporting for departmental self-study and external academic program review
  • Verification of degress and credentials for teaching and licensure/certifications (when applicable)
  • Updating of faculty web profiles
  • Creating custom biosketches for certain funding agencies

Data Security and Privacy

Faculty Success by Watermark includes many core protections that are continually monitored and upgraded to protect your data. Additionally, standards-based encryption and digital signatures are used appropriately to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. Learn more about Watermark’s databases, servers, and security and read the Watermark Privacy Statement and FERPA Compliant Statement.