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Resources for International Hiring

This page is a resource for those bringing in international short-term visitors, speakers, or hiring international faculty and staff.

For simplicity, on this site the term "international" refers to an individual who is a non-resident, non-U.S. citizen ("Non-resident Alien" in government references).

Federal regulations for payments, hiring and visas require that proper planning take place so that visits and employment do not lead to problems.

International Short-Term Visitors and Speakers

Short-term visitors include those who can be perform academic activities on campus with a tourist visa. Such individuals can participate in these activities for up to nine days. Sponsoring groups who will provide honoraria or reimbursements need to be aware of the current requirements so that the visitor's payment will be processed in a timely manner and will be eligible for possible exemptions from taxation. This requires completion of some paperwork 30 days before a check is issued. Refer to Tax Information for Internationals for details. The information on this page represents a joint effort by the Office of International Taxation and the Office of International Education.

International Visiting Scholars

International visiting scholars are faculty who hold a visiting position in a department or program. The Office of International Education works with the hiring dean's office, the Office of International Taxation, and Human Resources to complete the appointment process, arrange duties, and work out details of payment. For general information (visas, housing, etc.) and profiles of current scholars go to our International Scholars Page.

The Director of International Scholars in the Office of International Education is the contact person for all immigration questions concerning the appointment of a visiting international scholar.

Hiring International Faculty

If an international candidate is interviewed and hired there are additional steps that must be completed. Make sure that a visa can be issued before the semester begins, that the new hire applies for a social security number as soon as possible, and that reimbursements are handled properly.

For visa information, contact Carl Sorensen, Senior Associate Vice President, Human Resources.

Tenure-Track Faculty

International tenure-track hires who require immigration assistance should start the process as soon as possible. The application for a green card or permanent residency should be initiated within 18 months of the employment start date.

Term-Contract Faculty

Faculty on contracts from a semester up to three years normally apply for a J-1 visa.

Web Resources and Information

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