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High School Outreach Form

Resources for Faculty Engagement of Students

Let us celebrate your success with your high school while engaging with future students. Simply provide the name and location of where you attended high school, and we will send a letter to their principal and college counselor telling them about your success and also about the University of Richmond. For public schools, we will also copy the superintendent. This is an unconventional way to raise our profile with the high school community, and gives these schools a new and tangible way to show students that graduating high school is only the beginning.


Name when in high school:

Name of high school:

Current title at UR:

Degree(s) earned:

Location of high school (city, state)::

Name of teacher, administrator, or mentor who made a difference in your life (briefly explain):

Do you have any interest in engaging with students in other ways outside of the classroom (i.e. participating in a faculty panel or allowing potential students to visit your class)?

Do you participate in social media and if so, would you be willing to share the name of your page/account (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)? If so, please indicate below: