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The George E. Allen Chair in Law
George E. Allen, Sr.
George E. Allen, Sr.

George E. Allen Sr. entered the practice of law in 1910 in Victoria, Virginia, after graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law. In 1931, he moved to Richmond where he built a reputation as a trial lawyer and continued to practice until his death in 1972.

From 1950-1960 he served as president of the Richmond Bar Association, from 1951-1953 as faculty member of the Law-Science Institute, and from 1953-1954 as a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was the first president of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, 1959-1960. In 1965, at the age of 80, he was named the first recipient of the Award for Courageous Advocacy by the American College of Trial Lawyers for representing a black law student accused of felonious assult after a scuffle with police in 1963. Mr. Allen was a fellow and co-founder of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. He served as dean of the IATL in 1966.

In 1976, four years after his death, Mr. Allen's sons, Ashby, Wilbur, and George Jr., of the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, gave a challenge gift to establish the George E. Allen Chair in Law as a memorial to their father. It was the first endowed chair in the over-100-year history of the T. C. Williams School of Law.

It was the Allen brothers' hope "that [their] gift would inspire others to do likewise, creating an atmosphere for even further success in funding the law school and the University, thus highlighting the importance of the University and the T. C. Williams School of Law and its service to the community, the state, and the nation."

Prior to 1998, when a full-time faculty member was appointed to hold the position, the George E. Allen Chair in Law was used as a visiting scholar series.

Current Chairholder
Mr. David G. Epstein
Mr. David G. Epstein

David Epstein joined the University of Richmond in 2010 as Professor of Law and the George E. Allen Chair in Law.  He previously  served as Professor of Law at the Dedman School of Law (Southern Methodist University).  Mr. Epstein earned a B.A. at the University of Texas at Austin, a LL.B. from the University of Texas Law School, and a LL.M. from Harvard University.  He served as dean of the Emory Law School (1985-1989) and of the University of Arkansas Law School (1979-1982).  In 2004, the Commercial Law League honored him with their Lawrence P. King Award.

Past Chairholder

Rodney A. Smolla        1998-2004

Visiting Scholar Series Past Topics and Scholars

1998 - Resolving International Environmental Disputes in the 1990s and Beyond
Beatriz Bugeda, Professor of Law, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City
Edith Brown Weiss, Professor of Law, Georgetown University
Ben Boer, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Sydney, Australia and director of Australian Centre for Environmental Law
Philippe Sands, Reader in International Law, University of London

1997 [Information unavailable]

1996 - Euclid at Threescore Years and Ten: The Twilight of Environmental and Land-Use Regulation?
Loren A. Smith, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Charles M. Haar, Professor of Law, Harvard University
James E. Krier, Earl Warren Delano Professor of Law, University of Michigan
William A. McDonough, Dean and Elson Professor, University of Virginia School of Architecture

1995 - Special Issues in Bioethics and Law
Alexander Morgan Capron
Elizabeth Loftus
David Orentlicher
Daniel Callahan

1994 - International Human Rights
Anne-Marie Slaughter Burley
Thomas M. Franck
Harold Hongju Koh
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Diego Garcia-Sayan

1993 - Religion, Morality and the Law
Henry Abraham
Sanford Levinson
Michael Perry

1992 - Special Issues of Toxic Waste in Indian Country
W. Richard West
Robert A. Williams, Jr.
David Harrison
Paula Gunn Allen

1991 - Special Problems in Civil Litigations/Complex Litigation
Francis H. Hare, Jr.
Gerald A. Connell
The Honorable Robert M. Parker
Mary Kay Kane

1990 - Selected Topics in Tort Law
Sheila L. Birnbaum
The Honorable Robert Keeton
Richard Delgado
Deborah R. Hensler