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Consortium for Faculty Diversity

The University of Richmond participates in the Consortium for Faculty Diversity (CFD), a program designed to diversify the faculty at liberal arts colleges.  CFD dissertation fellowships and post-docs bring diverse, early career scholars to UR to participate in the intellectual life here on campus through teaching responsibilities and the completion of their own scholarship.  Appointments are for one year and can be renewed.

If your department or program is interested in hosting a CFD dissertation fellow or post-doc you should first contact your Dean for permission, then contact the Associate Provost for Faculty ( to get access to the scholar database.

Once candidates have been interviewed, the Dean has made an offer, and the candidate has accepted, the Dean, Associate Provost, and Department Chair will meet together to develop an appropriate mentoring plan for the CFD post-doc.

At the close of the academic year, the Associate Provost for Faculty, Dean and Department Chair will then meet to review the CFD post-doc.  If a reappointment is desired, a new mentoring plan for the next academic year will be developed.