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Teaching and Scholarship Initiative (TSI)

The goal of the teaching and scholarship initiative is to better equip faculty for inclusive pedagogy, continuing innovation in the classroom, and the ongoing production of excellent scholarly and creative work.

Interim Director

In July, 2018 Provost Legro appointed Crystal Hoyt as Interim Director of the TSI. As director, she will chair a committee of faculty across the schools at the University. In addition, Crystal Hoyt will oversee CTLT during the transition AY2018–19.

Teaching and Scholarship Initiative Committee

The Teaching and Scholarship Initiative Committee will create a plan and structure for faculty development at the University of Richmond.  The committee will assess faculty needs, evaluate existing capacities, and review best practices for providing developmental support for faculty. The committee will recommend a new model for faculty development.

Teaching and Scholarship Initiative Committee Members

  • Crystal Hoyt (JSLS)   CHAIR
  • KimMarie McGoldrick (RSB)
  • Kate Cassada (SPCS)
  • Tamar Schwartz (Law)
  • Stephen Long (A&S Division I)
  • Shannon Jones (A&S Division II)
  • Mimi Hanaoka (A&S Division III)
  • Libby Gruner (A&S Division IV)


The committee will submit its plan to the Provost by Feb 1, 2019. The new structure for faculty development will take effect July 2019.

For more questions or more information, please contact Crystal Hoyt at