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Faculty Seminar Schedule of Faculty Development Events
Spring 2018

Ryland Hall, Room 213

Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30 p.m.


Prof. Laz Lima, Associate Provost for Faculty    (

Faculty Facilitators:         

Prof. Lauren Tilton (
Prof. Eva Hageman (

Faculty Development Mission Statement:

The purpose of Faculty Development at the University of Richmond is to support the flourishing of our exceptional faculty in their roles as committed and engaged teachers, scholars, researchers, and creative artists across the University's five schools. Faculty development programs, services, and resources enhance instructional innovation and support scholarly and creative activities that further the University's ability to sustain a collaborative learning and research community that supports the personal development of its members and the creation of new knowledge.


The University of Richmond Faculty Seminar (FS) is a cross-school faculty development series intended to support faculty-driven programming that addresses faculty development needs and interests.

Faculty facilitators liaise with cross-school colleagues and determine topics and programming to be covered for each AY.

The Associate Provost for Faculty liaises with cross-school units and facilitates the programming initiatives identified by the faculty facilitators.


Each topic or session covered in the FS aims to enabler faculty to 1) gain greater expertise or skill in the topic area covered, 2) build faculty capacity for leadership through institutional knowledge building and peer-to-peer collaborative learning, 3) enhance informal mentoring networks across schools, and 4) create the foundation for the continuous development of faculty in our roles as engaged and committed teacher-scholars.


Spring 2018

February 14:                  The Post-Tenure Slump

                                           Dr. Karla A. Erickson, Prof. of Sociology, Grinnell College, “Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Promotion for Women and Underrepresented Faculty”                              

Purpose:                          Workshop discussion on data-driven analysis of how to identify and overcome obstacles to promotion for women and underrepresented faculty

Format:                           Moderated workshop

March 7:                         Course Development

Purpose:                          What resources are available on campus to enhance course develop? What opportunities are there to develop new kinds of courses (ex. CCE, FYS, SSIR, etc.)?

Format:                            Moderated panel

March 28:                        Faculty Governance

Purpose:                          How does shared governance work? What are the different governance structures among schools? What are the expectations for getting involved?

Format:                           Moderated panel

April 19:                           Social Event [Location TBD]

Fall 2017

October 11:                          Research and Scholarship Support

Purpose:                                Discussion of cross-school and cross-school FD opportunities.

Format:                                  Moderated informational workshop

October 25:                          Tenure Behind the Scenes [followed by social event TBD]

Purpose:                                Moderated discussion with folks who just received tenure to discuss the process and what they wish they had known. Panelists will discuss how they negotiated balance between research, teaching, and service.

Format:                                  Moderated panel

November 15:                     Student Culture 

Purpose:                                The goal is to understand the UR student body and campus culture. How do students experience the community outside of the classroom? Topics of interest included: student recruitment, greek life, and transfer student support.

Format:                                  Moderated panel

Nov 29:                                 Social Event [Location TBD]