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Uncovering UR’s History and Legacies

Building on strong student and faculty research efforts regarding the history of race, racism, and historically underrepresented groups at the University of Richmond, and in support of the goals in the Making Excellence Inclusive: University Report and recommendations, the Provost’s Office invites faculty from across disciplines and schools to apply to teach a class focused on engaging students in our institutional history, including the history of the land we occupy, and its legacies and to take part in a related faculty cohort that will examine and share UR’s history and legacies during the 2020-21 academic year. We encourage applications from colleagues who teach courses incorporating a range of methodologies, from historical/archival to interviewing, and performance.  

Each participant will:

  1. Develop a fall 2020 or spring 2021 course focused on an aspect of institutional history or its legacies;
  2. Meet 5-6 times throughout the academic year as a faculty learning community (FLC) to discuss UR’s history and identity and opportunities for integrating these elements into courses; and
  3. When relevant, share course products with the library for the public-facing University history digital archive.

Participants can apply to receive up to $200 for research materials for their courses and will receive $1000 for constructing and teaching their courses in fall 2020 or spring 2021 and taking part in the faculty cohort.

For more information, contact Interim Senior Administrative Officer, Amy Howard, with any questions.

Application (Due by March 20, 2020)

If accepted, I agree to: (Check all that apply)

Have department chair email Amy Howard to confirm that the proposed course will be scheduled and fits departmental needs in 2020-21 (Please note that the course must have viable enrollment, as determined by departments and schools, in order to run.) 2020
Participate in Doodle polls to schedule meetings for the year
Attend all cohort meetings throughout the year
Share any relevant materials with the library for the University digital archive
Contribute at least 20 percent of the course content to the history of this land or institutional history related work.