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The purpose of Faculty Development at the University of Richmond is to support the flourishing of our exceptional faculty in their roles as committed and engaged teachers, scholars, researchers, and creative artists across the University's five schools. Faculty development programs, services, and resources enhance instructional innovation and support scholarly and creative activities that further the University's mission to "sustain a collaborative learning and research community that supports the personal development of its members and the creation of new knowledge." The Provost’s office is particularly interested in supporting faculty development opportunities which promote inclusive pedagogy and creative and scholarly work at every level of the career cycle.

The opportunities to the left highlight some of the faculty development resources. Contact Linda Boland, Associate Provost for Faculty for additional faculty resources or questions.

Diversity and Search Advocate Training

On December 8 from 10 am-noon, the Provost’s Office will run a Faculty Hiring Workshop for any continuing faculty anticipating a role in the next 2 years as department chair, search committee chair, or a Diversity and Search Advocate (DASA).  We will discuss the faculty hiring process, faculty ads and recruiting, and the resources available to departments on the Provost’s website.

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Faculty Highlights

  • Laursen Published with Student Co-Author

    Erik Laursen, adjunct professor of education, has published an article with a recent M.Ed. graduate, Rachael Ayers, GC'19 and GC’21, in the journal Curriculum & Teaching. The article, Strengthening Experiential Learning: Innovative Virtual Engagement Strategies of Community Education Organizations, focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on K-12 access to community education organizations.

  • Dattelbaum Awarded Grant

    Jonathan Dattelbaum, professor of chemistry, has been awarded funding from The National Science Foundation for a five year project that involves collaboration among faculty at nine schools.

  • Giancaspro Published

    David Giancaspro, assistant professor of Spanish, published a chapter in Language in Development and Use: A Crosslinguistic Perspective.

  • Peart Published

    Sandra J. Peart, dean of the Jepson School and professor of leadership studies, published "On Making and Remaking Ourselves and Others: Mill to Jevons and Beyond on Rationality, Learning, and Paternalism" in Review of Behavioral Economics. 

  • Jacobsen Published

    Kathryn H. Jacobsen, William E. Cooper Distinguished University Chair and professor of health studies, published an article, "Global Health Education for the Post-Pandemic Years" in the journal Global Health Research and Policy.

  • Spires Published in Education Journal

    Bob Spires, associate professor of education, has published an article in the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education. The article, Intersections between Human Trafficking and Education: Toward New Research Agendas, calls for additional research into connections between work in anti-trafficking spheres and the scholarship of education.

  • Hoyt Published

    Crystal Hoyt, professor of leadership studies, co-published "Growth Mindsets of Anxiety: Do the Benefits to Individual Flourishing Come with Societal Costs?" in The Journal of Positive Psychology. 

  • Price Published

    Terry L. Price, professor of leadership studies, wrote the chapter "Feeling and Dirty Hands: The Role of Regret Experienced by Responsible Agents" in the book "Judgment and Leadership: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Concepts, Practice, and Development" published by Edward Elgar. 

  • Michele Cox

    Czech Republic
    Spain (Carlos III, St. Louis in Madrid, Universidad de Alcala de Henares)
    West Indies

  • Chris Klein

    Morocco (IES)
    New Zealand