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Grants and Resources

Professional and Leadership Development
Resources are available through the Office of the Provost and through other campus offices to support faculty in their professional development.

Faculty Professional Development for Scholarly and Creative Work
Significant support for scholarly and creative work is available to faculty through individual school opportunities and faculty-development funds provided by programs and schools. Questions should be directed to the appropriate school Dean, Associate Dean, or school resource.

Faculty Professional Development for Teaching (FPDT)

Faculty Professional Development for Teaching (FPDT) funding supports faculty and staff involved in our teaching and academic programs, either individually or groups, who wish to develop their teaching skills, enhance their practice of teaching, or to learn or expand their understanding of best practices. Funds may be used to attend professional conferences or otherwise participate in professional development aimed at enhancing teaching. Proposals from faculty/staff teams who wish to build community and teamwork by attending a program together are encouraged; for such proposals, it is expected that work both before and after the conference will be included as part of the proposal. If such is available, funding contributions from school, program, or faculty professional development funds are expected. (Note: program partly subsumes the program formerly known as PETE.)

Questions should be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty, Dr. Lázaro Lima.

FPDT: Call for Proposals 

Leadership, Coaching, Professional Development

Funds are available to support leadership development among the faculty and academic affairs leadership team, if such support is not provided by faculty development funds, schools, or the individual’s own unit. Requests should be justified in terms of the individual’s trajectory of leadership and responsibility. If available, support from the faculty member or staff’s own unit or professional development funds can be combined with this support

Opportunities throughout the year are available through many organizations, some of which are listed here. Participation in other well-regarded programs will also be considered, so don’t hesitate to suggest.

Questions, inquiries, and requests for funding should be directed to the Provost. Requests for funding to attend such programs are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Building Intellectual Community through Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

Support is available to foster the academic and intellectual community on campus by providing funding for groups of faculty and staff to come together regularly as a learning community for a year (or, when justified, a semester). Learning Communities allow participants to explore academic, pedagogical or intellectual interests of relevance and importance to the mission and programs of the University of Richmond.

Questions should be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty, Dr. Lázaro Lima, who will issue the call for proposals and instructions for submission (typically in the spring).