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Data Science/Analytics


  • Kristine Nolin

Data science and data analytics are emerging fields comprised of interdisciplinary activities used to create data-centric solutions. These solutions, in the form of products, applications or programs, can be used to address a myriad of questions such as those within scientific, socio-political, or business area. The analysis of data is profoundly transforming our society and our lives. The advances in computing, emerging discoveries in machine learning, new strategies in statistics, and the abundance of data are the driving forces behind this movement. These fields are making deep impacts in business, government, health, and journalism, to name a few.

Just as data science has grown immensely across the globe, so has the use of data science here at the University of Richmond. Faculty from Computer Science, Math and Statistics, Business, the Natural and Biological Sciences, Leadership, as well as the Arts and the Humanities are, or would like to, incorporate data science into our research and in the classroom. We would like form a network through which we can teach and support each other. We see this as the first step to a permanent cross-school affiliation. In addition to ourselves, we look to inspire our students across campus by helping them understand how data science fits into their interests and careers.

An integral part of this Data Science FLC will to bring together uniquely talented faculty whose expertise go beyond traditional boundaries. Currently, we are scattered around campus with little to no knowledge of the expertise already existing on this campus.  Our main activities/events will include seminars, brainstorming sessions, case studies, literature discussions, and research talks.