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The Undergraduate Mentor-Scholar

The purpose of the Undergraduate Mentor-Scholar Faculty Learning Community is to reflect on, investigate, and share effective and sustainable practices for research mentoring at the undergraduate level. Research participation teaches students that in-depth learning requires the generation of new knowledge as well as the mastery of existing information. As pedagogical practice, effective research mentoring requires skills, processes, and resources distinct from other forms of teaching. Furthermore, effective and efficient mentoring practices bring expanded opportunities for student involvement in substantive research outcomes. Thus, the work of this FLC is intended to foster the development of faculty in both their mentor and scholar roles.

Activities of the FLC in its first year include:

  1. Investigating undergraduate research mentoring models and best practices from the pedagogical literature, professional organizations, colleagues at UR, and other undergraduate-focused institutions.
  2. Identifying practices and resources that may enhance our effectiveness as research mentors and result in the highest quality student experience.
  3. Sharing knowledge gleaned from our own mentoring experiences, challenges, and mistakes while providing support to one another in crafting sustainable and productive programs of undergraduate research.



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