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Inclusive Pedagogy in STEM

The Inclusive Pedagogy in STEM FLC provides a space for faculty in education, science, math, and technical fields to gather and consider best practices to increase access of these majors to all students that have an interest in STEM. We understand that all students admitted into the University of Richmond are qualified to thrive in any major at the University, including STEM majors. Our classrooms, our research programs, and future workforce benefits from broad participation in STEM. Our goal is to explore best practices in engaging and retaining students from many backgrounds in STEM majors. In addition, we are interested in examining barriers that students may experience that affects their entrance or retention in their major of choice.  Finally, we want to broaden the campus dialog around inclusive pedagogy by hosting speakers and workshops to allow development of faculty and staff interested in these practices.  These programs, planned by the FLC, will be open to the entire campus community. We invite anyone who is interested in inclusive pedagogy (in or outside of STEM) to contact us for details and to attend these public events.



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