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Feminist New Materialism


Our faculty learning community explores scholarship in feminist and queer new materialisms, an interdisciplinary current of contemporary theory that is situated at the nexus of feminism, posthumanism, science studies, and ecology. Drawing from a wide range of disciplinary work (in physics, biology, anthropology, ecology, political theory, and more) new materialisms generally propose that agency is not a uniquely human attribute but is rather something inherent in all matter. They also provoke us to think about how all entities—cultures, bodies, objects—have boundaries that are more porous and open than dominant discourses in the humanities and social sciences have allowed. Connecting these ontological considerations (questions about what matter is) to political projects around gender, sexuality, class, and race in order to re-imagine what materialist justice might mean, How The University Matters will focus on how these questions can reconfigure how we ask about three central foci: the materiality of campus spaces, the understanding of what constitutes excellence in research and scholarship, and the corporeal and affective emergence of learning.



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