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Environmental Stewardship in a Changing World: Facilitating Environmental Literacy at the University of Richmond


The University of Richmond’s (UR) Strategic Plan’s Vision Statement reads, “The University will be a leader in higher education, preparing students to contribute to, and succeed in, a complex world; producing knowledge to address the world’s problems; and modeling the way that colleges and universities can effectively meet the challenges of our time.”  Scholars who study the environment overwhelmingly recognize climate change as the greatest challenge of the times, and universities are critically important to increasing awareness of climate change and to modeling how students might mitigate and adapt to this challenge.  The University of Richmond’s fifth value, stewardship in a changing world, seeks to, “...further weave responsible environmental stewardship into the fabric of the University.”  This FLC responds directly to the University’s new vision and values by defining environmental stewardship and strategizing ways to incorporate this value more deeply through our university.



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