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Inclusive Pedagogy in STEM

This Learning Community seeks to provide a space for faculty to come together to discuss ways in which we might continue our efforts at supporting UR students who arrive with interests in math and science. These faculty believe that every student accepted into UR has the intellectual promise and potential to succeed in STEM. These faculty are very interested in “inclusive” pedagogy: pedagogy that is focused on student success and finding ways of teaching and communicating that will help each student to master quantitative techniques and symbolic reasoning. These faculty believe that our role as teacher-facilitators requires us to mentor any STEM-interested student in their pursuit of excellence, even if their high school background might not indicate a high chance for success in our traditional STEM courses. These faculty believe that no student should leave STEM because they feel unable to succeed; rather, any student who chooses to leave STEM should do so because they have fallen in love with a different subject. Our philosophy of teaching is rooted in the belief that ALL students who have achieved acceptance to UR have the intellectual capacity to succeed in STEM.



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