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Medieval and Renaissance Studies


This Faculty Learning Community will bring together scholars of the University of Richmond, both full-time and affiliated faculty, whose interests focus on the period c. 300-1700 in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia. The primary and interrelated goals of this FLC are threefold: investigating pedagogical strategies, sharing new developments in scholarship, and forging community. To this end, the FLC will familiarize participants with the work we do individually as teacher-scholars that transcends geographic, chronological, and disciplinary boundaries.  At this time, when the past, especially in its “global” context, couldn’t be more important and instructive both for our students and for society more broadly, and yet is overshadowed by an ongoing fixation on the “new”, this FLC will explore the crucial role of the medieval and renaissance period in shaping our modern conceptions of arts and sciences, and their role in shaping personal and civic identity.  The early modern aficionado of art and literature saw a uniquely productive relationship between learning and pleasure, an idea of renewed interest today which we will investigate and model in the FLC.  



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