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Linguistics in Liberal Education

This FLC has been designed specifically to create a proposal for a new interdisciplinary major in Linguistics. Eight seminar meetings have been designed to expose the group to the major areas of the contemporary field and stimulate discussion on how each of these sub-fields could fit into an ideal liberal arts college curriculum for Linguistics. Meanwhile two road trips will expose members to best practices at thriving programs that we believe are spread toward the poles of the liberal arts college/small university Linguistics curriculum spectrum, the consortium major at Bryn Mawr/Haverford/Swarthmore and Dartmouth's standalone program. April 2017 will bring a polished and well conceived proposal that should represent most departments involved in the future of Linguistics at UR. In addition, the group will consistently meditate on its own method throughout this process and gather its notes to present a paper at a conference and publish an article on best practices for initiating a Linguistics major at a liberal arts college/small university.



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