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Faculty Fellows Program

Our mission is to provide our students with an unparalleled liberal arts education.  Engaged, productive faculty are essential to that aim.  This Faculty Fellows Program is designed to attract, retain, and support faculty who bring their scholarship to bear on learning.

Call for Proposals

The Faculty Fellows Program will give our faculty in Arts and Sciences, the Robins School of Business and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies a temporary reduction in their course load between sabbaticals in order to focus on scholarship and creative efforts that will impact student learning.  It is a competitive, course-release program for tenured faculty.  This program contributes to the academic excellence goal of our strategic plan.

Excellent teaching and high impact student experiences distinguish a University of Richmond education. Our students regularly comment that faculty mentoring, shared scholarship, and attention is what made the biggest difference in their experience. These engagements require a substantial investment of time from faculty.  This program provides support by releasing faculty from teaching two courses in the years between sabbaticals.

This program will not affect sabbatical accrual.  Some key requirements are as follows:

  • Proposals explicitly linked to student learning and/or collaborative research with students will be favored.
  • Faculty are expected to maintain a regular service and advising load during the course release time.
  • This cannot be combined with additional course reductions to yield more than 2 course reductions in any given year.
  • Planning must be done collaboratively with the dean and department chair to address timing and teaching needs.

Applications are due December 1.  For questions contact Sandra Joireman, the Associate Provost for Faculty.