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Faculty Development and Grants

The University of Richmond faculty development programs, services, and resources enhance instructional innovation and support scholarly and creative activities that further the University's mission to "educate in an academically challenging, intellectually vibrant, and collaborative community dedicated to the holistic development of students and the production of scholarly and creative work."

The University accomplishes this through a wide range of professional development opportunities and support programs for faculty. All faculty development opportunities and programs are available to faculty regardless of full-time or part-time status and begins upon hire with new faculty orientation. Faculty members gain support for their professional development on an ongoing basis through numerous University-wide and school-specific programs. 

The Office of the Provost supports professional development in conjunction with the University Faculty Senate's Faculty Development Committee. The Office of the Provost sponsors Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs); provides grants and other resources for development in teaching, leadership, research, and creative work; and supports attendance at conferences to improve teaching practices. Resources for field trips, ticket purchases or other course enhancements can be found here.

The University's schools offer ongoing development and support for their respective faculties through various offices and units. Grants for a major transformation of a course can be found here.  The Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR) supports faculty who seek outside funding. The summary below provides an overview of the various professional development programs at UR.

I. University-Wide Programs (Office of the Provost)

University-wide support for professional development is run through the Office of the Provost in conjunction with the University Senate's Faculty Development Committee. The Office of the Provost funds and administers a number of programs to encourage cross-school faculty development and professional enrichment. The University Senate's Faculty Development Committee also makes recommendations to the Office of the Provost for funding requests for the following programs. 

1. Faculty Professional Development for Teaching

The Office of the Provost provides support for Faculty Professional Development for Teaching. Professional development funding supports faculty involved in teaching and academic programs, either individually or in groups, who wish to develop their teaching skills, enhance their practice of teaching, or expand their understanding of best practices. Funds may be used to attend professional conferences or otherwise participate in professional development aimed at enhancing teaching. Proposals from faculty/staff teams who wish to build community and teamwork by attending a program together are also encouraged. The application is available online.

2. Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

Faculty leadership of curricular, academic, scholarly, and creative endeavors is supported through year-long faculty seminars and directed meetings through the University's Faculty Learning Communities  (FLCs). Faculty from the University's five schools can apply to either lead or participate in FLCs that engage the institution's mission. 

3. Leadership, Coaching, Professional Development

Funds are available to support faculty in leadership professional development opportunities to attend conferences, symposia, and related leadership programs and institutes. Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis throughout the year. (Provost Legro)

4. First-Year Seminar Faculty Development

First-Year Seminar (FYS) faculty are required to participate in faculty development activities focused on teaching first-year students. FYS instructors receive a $500 stipend for participating in the designated workshops, a $1,000 stipend for the summer institute, and $500 stipend for their first FYS course offering.

5. The Teaching and Scholarship Hub

Launched in 2019, the Faculty Hub is a campus-wide initiative designed to support faculty in teaching and scholarship.  For more information, visit the Hub's website here

II. School-Sponsored Faculty Development

1. School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences also provides financial support for travel to professional conferences as well as research support. This support is administered through departments.

The school also provides support for regular sabbatical leave and junior research leave for those faculty who qualify.

The A&S Faculty Research Committee (FRC) sponsors and supports 1) summer research fellowships (up to $6,000.00), 2) reviews and administers research grant opportunities, and 3) travel grants.  (

2. Robins School of Business

The School of Business provides each tenure-track faculty and most visiting faculty with a $3,500 individual spending account. This is used for items such as professional travel, association dues, registration fees, and journal submission fees.

Faculty are eligible to apply for summer research grants and summer course development/teaching innovation grants. Faculty engaged in international travel and/or research can request supplemental travel funding through the school's International Programs Office.

3. Jepson School of Leadership Studies

The School provides support for professional development, travel to conferences, summer research, and direct costs associated with scholarship. More information is available here. The School also provides support for regular sabbatical and mid-course leaves.

4. School of Law

The Law School provides support for professional development, travel to conferences, summer research, and direct costs associated with scholarship. The Law School also provides support for regular sabbatical and mid-course leaves. More information is available in the Law School's Faculty Resources Handbook, available from the Associate Dean for Faculty Development.

5. School of Professional & Continuing Studies

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies provides full-time and part-time faculty with professional development funding. Full-time faculty are provided $3,500 each academic year for professional development. Additionally, faculty are entitled to $1,000 to use in support of their travel to conferences, meetings, research, and activities required by program Chairs with the approval of the Dean.

Part-time and adjunct faculty are provided $100 per year to be used for professional development that may include attending conference meetings, upgrading teaching competencies, and purchasing software and publications to improve instruction.

III. External Funding Support: Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations

The Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR) supports faculty and administrators who wish to submit applications for external funding. FCGR welcomes the opportunity to work with colleagues across campus to ensure a smooth and successful proposal submission process. 

1. Young Investigator Funding

Several funding agencies offer grants and fellowships to young investigators, who are typically untenured or at the assistant professor level. Some may specify the applicant must be within a certain number of years from obtaining the Ph.D.

2. External Grant Support

All external funding proposals must be routed through and approved by FCGR prior to submission. This step ensures that each application is thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with University, federal, and agency-specific policies and guidelines. Funds received as a result of grant proposals submitted without prior FCGR review, and appropriate institutional approvals may be returned to the granting agency.