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Curriculum and Course Transformation Application

To support individual faculty members, staff involved teaching, programs or departments who submit a compelling proposal to develop a significantly new course or curriculum or significantly transform an existing course by introducing a new way of teaching, a new technology or other significant enhancement. Proposed transformations must be aligned with stated student learning goals for the course and the learning goals for the program (if any). Proposals from groups of faculty, programs or departments for radical transformation of curriculum and use of effective and inclusive practices are encouraged. (These funds are not to be used for standard course development and improvement, which is expected as part of the faculty member’s teaching responsibilities.) ( Note: program partly subsumes the program formerly known as PETE.)

Questions should be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty,  Linda Boland .

  Call for Proposals

Applications are invited for Curriculum and Course Transformation Grants as follows:

  • Applications for funding to be used in the spring semester are due by November 1.
  • Applications for funding to be used in the fall semester are due by March 25.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee.
  • Exceptions to these deadlines will be subject to the availability of funds after decisions are made for applications submitted by the regular deadlines. Questions should be addressed to the Associate Provost for Faculty, Linda Boland

This fund supports faculty and staff as they work to transform a course, curriculum, academic program, or academic department. The goal is to support new possibilities, different thinking, transformative ideas, radical approaches. Funding can be used for travel, technology, materials, consultations, collaborations, or other expenses. The preference is to support creative ideas resulting in significant changes rather than small revisions that result in minor changes, all toward helping keep Richmond's pedagogy on the leading edge. Criteria for funding include likely transformational impact, budget justification and affordability, and appropriateness for the fund.

To be considered for funding, please complete this application:

Name of Primary Requestor, to whom correspondence should be sent:




Phone Number: 

Names and department/school of any additional faculty contributing to the stated goal(s):

Brief description of the course, curriculum, department or program.:
Character Count - 0/2000

Brief description of why the course, curriculum, department or program would benefit from a transformation.:
Character Count - 0/2000

Detailed Proposal: Carefully describe your idea and what you anticipate doing/needing. How is it in some significant way transformative? What will be the outcome/s, both short- and long-term? Who will benefit and how? When will you be doing the work associated with the proposal? Do you have support of your department chair/dean/supervisor? Please be clear and concise in creating a non-jargon-filled proposal:
Character Count - 0/8000

Itemized Budget with Justification: 
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Total requested from this proposal:

Index # to which funds will transfer, if awarded:

Any additional, relevant notes or questions:
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