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Grants and Resources

The Office of the Provost supports and encourages applications for a number of funds and initiatives intended to support faculty development, pedagogy, and curriculum change. Faculty Development (scholarship/creative activity, leadership) information and support can be found on the application page. Questions regarding faculty development proposals should be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty. Below is information about sources of support for pedagogy and curriculum transformation.

Course Enhancement Grants

To support faculty members and staff involved in academic programs who wish to take advantage of an opportunity to add a co-curricular or curricular element to their course which would bring added cost (for example, attending a show or hearing a lecture). Funds can be used for tickets or transportation or similar items. The fund is open to support of any course, including First Year Seminars. This fund is not intended to support large or significant trips, e.g. similar to those funded by the SSIR program. This fund will support items justified as contributing significantly to the academic impact and student learning in a course, but which are not supported by the Dupont Fund or by the faculty member’s own school or department.

Questions regarding pedagogy and curriculum transformation proposals should be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty.


Curriculum and Course Transformation Grants

An application and further details can be found here.