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Application for Faculty Professional Development for Teaching (FPDT)

The purpose of Faculty Professional Development for Teaching (FPDT) is to support faculty and those staff involved in our teaching and academic programs, either individuals or groups, who wish to develop their teaching skills, enhance their practice of teaching, or to learn or expand their understanding of best practices. Funds may be used to attend professional conferences or otherwise participate in professional development aimed at enhancing teaching.

Proposals from faculty/staff teams who wish to build community and team work by attending a program together are encouraged; for such proposals, it is expected that work both before and after the conference will be included as part of the proposal. If such is available, funding contributions from school, program, or faculty professional development funds are expected.

(Note: the purpose of this type of funding support in the professional development of the faculty while other forms of support are aimed at significant curricular, course, and/or other opportunities for teaching innovation.)

Instructions: Faculty wishing to apply for Faculty Professional Development for Teaching (FPDT) support should complete the application below.


1. Name (list a primary contact for the proposal):

2. Total requested (please include itemized as necessary):

3. Your department/s and school/s:

4. Academic rank of applicant/s (list by participant along with the following: tenured, tenure-track, and/or continuing [e.g., director, etc.].):

5. Project/proposal title and description. Include 1) main objectives and 2) indicate its significance to your proposal to your school’s mission and/or the institution’s mission:

6. Have you or any of the participants received faculty development or research grant funding from your school/s in the past five years? (List by participant by indicating “yes” or “no”.):

7. Please list all forms of UR support received in the past three years for this or any other projects by participant/s. Include all departmental and non-departmental sources (e.g., Faculty Research Committee, your Dean, etc.):

8. Do you (or participants) have “guaranteed” summer stipends from your school?
Yes No

9. Please list all forms of external support applied for in the past five years for this or any other project:

10. Please provide any additional information relevant to the project that may be of use in the evaluation of your application.
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