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Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship (CIE)

UR’s Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship initiative aims to foster creativity, entrepreneurial ingenuity, willingness to take risks, resilience, and competence in addressing problems and challenges from multiple perspectives. By combining the expertise of our five distinguished schools, we have a unique opportunity to provide students and faculty sustained engagement with innovative and stimulating collaborations around real-world problems.  The CIE committee accepts proposals for new collaborative projects and courses that fulfill these aims.

Call for Student Innovation Fellows

During Spring 2019, a call was put forth for Student Innovation Fellows.  In Fall 2019 these students will
take part in a 6-week training session based at UR and run through Stanford University’s Design School to learn design thinking, lean methodology, and how to analyze a university ecosystem. In the Spring, they will travel to Silicon Valley to meet with innovation leaders and a national cohort of fellows from other universities.  During both semesters, they will develop a collaborative CIE-themed research and design project, work with peers, faculty and administrators to create ways to enhance innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity at UR. They will also serve as advisors to UR’s Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship faculty committee. For questions or more information, contact Todd Lookingbill, Faculty Director.

Congratulations to the following students:

  1. Seema Maruf Ahmed
  2. William Boyd Walker
  3. Bingjie Liu
  4. Sandeep Kumar
  5. Kartikey Sharma
  6. Hu Xiaodi

Call for Courses

Call for Project Support

 2019-2020 CIE Committee

CIE Charge 

Findings and recommendations from the 2017-2018 CIE committee.

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